Friday, January 9, 2009

" Dear John Doe"

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Army apologized on Wednesday for sending 7,000 letters addressed to "Dear John Doe" to the relatives of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The letters, printed by a contractor and mailed in December, were intended to inform family members about private organizations that offer assistance to those who have lost relatives in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

Ok I got one of these letters. And I was amused and actually giggled when I opened it. I knew right away it was a typo. Oops shit happens. The fact of the matter is there was a ton of resources made available to my family in this letter. It was one more thing the Army has gone out of their way to do for my family. Since the very beginning of this ordeal the Army has gone above and beyond for us.

My gripe is: How come the media has to jump on this issue? Where are they to tell about all the wonderful supportive things the Army has done for the families of the fallen? Once again their bias is showing. Once again they don't dwell on the fact the Army is gathering resources for families of the fallen but only that the letter that provided those resources had a typo. They beat a path to find that one family member who wants to be a victim and get attention for themselves. Why didn't the media ask me what I thought of it? Or what I thought of the Army calling my home to apologize and then realize I didn't need or want and apology. I wanted to instead thank them for going above and beyond once more in providing me with information. That turned into an hour call with a commanding officer who I am very much looking forward to hugging in a few weeks.

Too anyone listening. I LOVE THE ARMY! And they are my family now. The Army has never been anything but respectful to me. Of all the things for a person to get their undies in a bunch about a typo is just not it. If you people think "Dear John Doe" is bad you should read the letters addressed from the Anti-war types some families of the fallen have gotten.


JP said...

Well said! It's good to hear from another American that has not been taken in by the media propaganda and that has preserved the right perspective. That's why I don't even listen to the major media anymore. They sit there with a smile on their face reporting every American soldier's death with feigned concern and poorly hidden glee, while we as parents are sitting at home trying to figure out what unit, what part of the country, does it involve my family this time? Or my sons friends?

Anyway, God bless you and your family. I offer my sincere and heart felt condolences on your loss, God rest your son's soul. I will lift you and your family up to the gracious Lord in my prayers. I'm glad I came across your blog.

A Soldier's Mother said...

I so understand this post on so many levels. The army...yours and mine...are a family and they do so much. My son has a soldier in his unit who has to help support his mother. Elie arranged for this soldier to be on leave every he can go home and work and earn money. During the recent war, this boy simply couldn't leave the he couldn't work. The army arranged to give his mother extra money to help her through because her son couldn't be home to work. I hate when people decide how we are supposed to react to things. I think you did exactly the right thing - I hope I would laugh too.