Saturday, March 7, 2009

JSS Shulla Iraq

JSS Shulla Iraq was turned over to the Iraq security forces on March 2nd, 2009. It is not a story you will hear on the main stream media. It was a positive story and more proof our military accomplished their mission in Iraq. More proof we have won in Iraq.

This story jumped out to me for one very special reason, Shulla is where my son and his Company were located in Iraq. Once one of the most dangerous places and home to the Mahdi Army. There was a time when the citizens feared leaving their homes. Now they are opening new restaurants and shopping in flourishing market places. They are taking over their own security and becoming more independent. I know my son had a hand in that success. He and his brothers, who I know think of as my own family, gave this gift to the people of Shulla and all over Iraq.

My son came home March 2nd, 2008 and one year later the people of Iraq came home to a new found freedom in the town of Shulla. He did great things in Iraq... they all have.

The barracks in Shulla Iraq named for my son.

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Mrs. JP said...

Thank you for this story of hope and praise of our military. You are right, mainstream America will not hear of this because it is a good thing they have done. We, and the I'm sure the Iraqis, are thankful for the accomplishments and most of all the sacrifices made in Shulla and in all the foreign places where our military have fought. Blessings to you.