Thursday, June 25, 2009


Farrah Fawcett lost her battle with cancer today. Michael Jackson also lost his life. My heart goes out to the families of these two celebrities. It truly does. But as I sit here watching the non-stop coverage of their deaths I have to wonder how many people who have their facebook, myspace and twitter status set to RIP to these two people can name just one Fallen soldier who fought to insure their freedom to have the careers they had. Or for that matter one living soldier.

As I allowed myself to be drug into a debate on how great Michael Jackson was for "changing music forever" and how he did so much to "feed the hungry" I question how society can not see all our troops do to change the world and free people who are hungry to find a means to feed themselves. As a society we truly look to the wrong people as role models. we look to be entertained and forget about the realities of life. The reality that there is truly evil in our world. Maybe that is why we put so much emphasis and time into celebrities. because they help us hide from reality. I know that people during the depression would say they went to movies to get away from the reality of their own lives. But we have become so emersed in being entertained and hiding from reality that entertainers have become our heroes. And I don't see it changing until we are so far gone and lost so much freedom that we are forced to face reality and look at those who battle to keep us safe and free as the heroes they are. the truly scary thing is how close we are to that point. Not the seeing our military as heroes but things being so bad we can not ignore them and hide from them anymore through entertainment. We can't hide from reality... No matter how much music we play, How may movies or TV shows we watch. No matter how many celebrities we swoom over... reality is still there and at some point we must face it fully and deal with it. No matter how painful or scary it is.


Fozzy said...

They don't care anymore for the troops than the time of day. The troops are lost in the shuffle between Poptarts and Beer. The troops don't worry about these people, they have to protect the good with the bad and that's what make them so special.

Anonymous said...

We stopped raising our kids to think of themselves as Americans and how to be citizens. We have a generation of just consumers. I turned away from the wall-to-wall wailing over a pop singer, with dubious morals, which everyone switched to like Farah Fawcett was suddenly OLD news in the space of mere hours.

I'm glad I watched the Troop-A-Thon instead.

I'm still waiting for the names of the two soldiers killed at Bagram to be released and the names of the wounded. I haven't forgotten....

Yes, bunnies. Night of the Lepus bunnies. ;)


brat said...

I agree with everything you wrote. Is very sad to me that we have the world swooning over MJ - even if I did like some of his earlier - yet, as you say, our military heroes, who are fighting for the rights for people TO hide their heads in the sand, the music etc, are not honoured and remembered.

I have deliberately chosen today to NOT write about MJ or FF, instead posting on the struggle in Iran.

Thank YOU!