Sunday, August 16, 2009

Over Dramatic?

My daughter thinks I am being over dramatic... I just read and signed her World History class syllabus. Unit 2 is " The World of Islam". I have a problem with this. My first and largest concern is the teacher who is teaching this class is a liberal hippie anti-war problem. She was often corrected for teaching revised history by my son Pokey. And once she even tried to give him detention for his opinion that war protesters during Vietnam were Hippies. I explained to the school that my children will not be punished for their opinion. He never served the detention and she was caught in a lie about having called me about his "behavior". I do not trust this teacher to teach this topic objectively. She hates the military and I just know in my bones she will try and make the Muslims into gentlemen farmers who had their land stolen and are just fighting to get it back. BLARG!!!

My daughter is of the opinion that I am being dramatic because I will be going to the school and asking for more information. I reminded her that in Afghanistan today they passed a law that said husbands can starve their wives if they refuse to have sex. This is a culture that treats women and children as possessions to be used and abused. This is a culture that has no respect for life on any level. Death to them is honor. This is the culture and religion that took my son from me. So yes I am fuming.

I will be going to the school and requesting a full outline of the unit and how it will be presented. I will not allow the Muslim world to be glamorized or made into the victims. Which is what I truly fear will happen in this classroom.


actnymetro said...

Nope, not over dramatic. I would be up there with a Bible, and a Torah and demanding equal time. Teaching of islam in schools is proving to the uninformed that "see, they teach this but not the others, so it must be correct" menatlity.

Knottie said...

I'm not religious at all so I won't be taking that tactic. I will however be making sure that Islam is not presented as a peaceful religion or culture. I will make sure they talk about stonings, beheadings and the raping of boys along with the culture's mission to convert or kill all those who do not convert.

Jenn of the Jungle said...

Bleeping bleep bleep.

Dyanna said...

I don't think you're being over dramatic at all. Please keep us posted on what the school says....BTW, what grade is this?

Knottie said...

10th grade Dyanna

kris said...
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kris said...


wonder if teacher will share about women in Afghanistan getting executed in the soccer stadium?

Maybe how Afghan women set themselves on fire because they can not face one more day of rape and beatings?

Maybe teacher might share with all the kids how 9 year old girls are routinely sold off by their brothers to old men for "marriage" and then are re-sold by those pedophiles multiple times.

Let's talk about Islam as a "culture" (so she can teach in in a public school) rather than the religion (is there really a difference?) where regardless of the "law", the Karzi's government never prosecutes for crimes against women.

Can you tell I am sick unto frickin death of these white liberal cultural relativists dancing with the devil?

One more thing: maybe teacher can tell all the little girls how lucky they are to be going to school in the land of the free - because in Afghanistan, little girls and women don't go to school - and if they dare to try it? Their school will get gassed and they will be lucky to live to try again.

I've had it, I've had it I've had it.

kris said...

oh, and btw

I'd be telling that "teacher" than she can stick any ideas about "dress" and "names" right up her ass and that not daughter of mine will submit, even for 30 minutes to the hijab or to their false prophet.

then, of course, I would tell her to have a nice day.


Pearls1 said...

As a parent you have every right to ask questions about what your children are taught. Just remember to be level headed and try to hear the other side over your anger.

Holger Awakens said...

Islam is no religion and for a school to teach about a violent political ideology is a travesty.

I wouldn't just be there asking for an outline, I'd be there asking why they weren't also offering "World of Naziism."

If they insist on teaching it, perhaps this teacher's first words on the subject should be this: "Islam's goal is for everyone of you boys and girls to either submit and convert to Islam or kill you."

alexa said...

Right on! You are not being dramatic, nevermind overly dramatic. Too many young people think we're supposed to tolerate ANYTHING in the interest of being "true" to their "liberal" self-perception.

I haven't belonged to a religion for many years and don't anticipate ever returning to it. Though I do believe in the power of prayer (I have my reasons), I don't believe in religious customs being performed by those who do not belong to that religion.

It is intensely important that more people get personally involved in what is happening in the school rooms. What you are doing is exactly what many more of us should be doing.

Good for you.