Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Soulless Muslim Bastards"

** WARNING** this blog entry may offend you. But I believe we don't have the right to not be offended, so if it does too bad.

During his time in Iraq, Micheal often referred to the enemy as "soulless muslim bastards" . At the time it bothered me. I had always felt that as humans we are basically good. It would be some months after he died before I truly comprehended what he was saying. It took conversations with people who had been in Iraq and the watching of videos of those in Palestine for me to "get it".

It comes down to the muslim culture is a culture of hate.. so much so that the hate has eaten the very souls of these people. When you see videos such as this you understand that from birth these people are taught nothing but pure hate.

Is there a way change the next generation? When the children as young as 3 years old have had their minds so poisoned? I'm a mother.. my life has been centered on raising my children. the thought of hurting a child sickens me. But I am at a loss as to how to change the mindset of these children who are so damaged by this type of hate... have they too lost their souls to hate at such a young age?

No amount of "talking" is going to change the perspective a culture that knows nothing but hate and murder. And anyone who does not standup against it is as guilt as the culture itself of the hate and violence. It's called passive violence and it is the most dangerous kind.

Before you all start sending the threatening emails... I know there are those in the culture who want to change it. My son's "terp" Vegas is an example. But unless they stand up and denounce the lies and hate and violence they are just as guilty as the ones who set IEDs, launch RPGs and walk into the presence of others and blow themselves up to be martyrs.


Howie said...

Amen Knottie!! The best example that I can give is the vid of the kids being made to sing the Obama song that has mad its way to youtube. It is nothing but indoctrination, and once indoctrinated it is almost impossible to fix.
Semper Fi/Hooah

Anonymous said...

This is so sad. Why would any parent teach a child so young to know hatred of any people? Pity. Total waste of life.

David M said...

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post From the Front: 09/28/2009 News and Personal dispatches from the front and the home front.

Mel said...

We will never understand these people... Being a retired military family, we'd like to "Thank all those serving this Country" we support each and everyone of you.

Holger Awakens said...


There should be no apology from you. You speak facts and truth. The fact of the matter is that the biggest lie ever told in this World is that Islam is a religion - it is not. It is a violent, political ideology invented by a madman in the 8th century.

This has nothing to do with culture or the way that parents raise their kids - they have a book, it's called the Qur'an, which directs every aspect of their lives - it tells them to oppress and kill unbelievers, it tells them to abuse and degrade women and it puts no value on any human life.

Lashing out at muslim parents is like lashing out at parents in Nazi Germany who "let" their kids join the Hitler Youth Corps.

Islam is evil and it's followers are brainwashed minions.

alexa said...

I have not seen our MSM report enough instances of, if they are happening, Muslims in large numbers protesting against the monsters who kill in the name of their religion. I only recently saw a report of a gathering of about several hundred Muslims, peaceful, calling for the end of the killing by the terrorists. But I have seen precious little else.

The Muslims can end this nearly overnight: stop clinging to the loyalty of custom in the face of what you know, WHAT YOU KNOW, according to your religion AND according to your personal sense of justice, and kill the terrorists who live among you. Or make them surrender.

Or surrender in their name.

But as long as most Muslims keep quiet, they agree that the slaughter is fine with them. Our Troops kill far, far more of our enemy than vice versa. We consider it poor form to say so, much to my dismay. But, for each of Our Troops who dies, FAR MORE TALIBAN AND AL QAEDA die.

Bob said...

Patriotic Americans should not criticize the people that Barak Hussein Obama loves. He has spent his entire presidency kissing up to the Muslim world and bowed low before arguably the leading Muslim in the World--the Saudi King. Our president--for whom no birth certificate has been presented--subjegated himself to the Muslim king. We are in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Im amazed some one finally had the balls to stand up and say something about the damn situation.

I dont really know what can be done about the situation but if we dont do something soon we may well find ourselves faced with something that will have us pressed against a wall.

Theres is no tolerance in themm at all really. And talking or telling them different wont change a damn thing.And its not just america thats faced wid problems...every other faith and people are in danger

Pete in the UK said...

These bastards wont be happy till killed everybody& destroyed everything ,then when they have they go back to dessert picking dates again& beating up women cause that's how really brave they are .

Pete UK