Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Dark Things

The darkness is coming again. I feel it like a slow moving fog coming over me. The hurt is more intense, the anger more encompassing, the sadness numbing. I slowly being to feel like I am on the outside of the world looking in. I just want to hide from it but know that it is part of me now and one can not hide from oneself. I try to push it down but it is so strong. I know why it's coming this time at least. That's something. Knowing why helps me fight it.

In a few days my second born will be 19. He is suppose to be the younger brother. But his older brother is and will forever be 19 now. I pray that in time I will get better at this. I have accepted the pain never stops or heals but I need to get better at dealing with it. I can not selfishly slide into these abysses and neglect my family and life. I can not be weak I have too many people to take care of.

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A Soldier's Mother said...

You are not weak. You are incredibly strong and I am so amazed by your ability to breathe each day, take each step, laugh, write. That is the proof of your strength. But we all need, sometimes, to fall a bit, to be angry a bit, and to be sad and frightened. I have no doubt that you keep your family strong and whole...but you have to find time for yourself too.