Monday, July 6, 2009

The Gold Star in the Window...

@RTRViews: Have I told you lately what an incredible person you are? I'm praying for the 7 families. You are my inspiration.

I received this message on twitter from a very kind man who I admire and respect a great deal. I have heard similar things from others and every time I do I want to say: No I'm not special. I'm not incredible, I'm just a mom taking care of my son by taking care of his brothers. It's my son and the men who served with him and others like him who should inspire you. The men who volunteer to go fight a soulless enemy and sacrifice time with loved ones, risk injury and life to better the world and free people to live without fear that should inspire all of us. It's men who come home with life changing injuries and keep trying and accomplishing so much that should inspire every single person in world.

My message has not changed. I have always supported our military. I have always done things beyond a bumper sticker to show that support. I've always encouraged others to do one act of substance , like senidng a box, to show they care about our troops. The only difference is now people listen to me. They listen because now I have a Gold Star hung in my window. I have said that it hurts to think that Taps had to be played for my son before people saw him as the hero he was. before they realized the courage and honor it took for this young man to dedicate his life, even a small part of his life to military service during wartime. But he believed in his mission and it was something he saw great value in. So as I said in my first blog here.. he invested his coin of life in it. I realized I had a voice of a Gold Star mom and was listened to months after my son died. I also realized that it comes with great responsiblity. My voice has changed but not my message.


Mrs. JP said...

Thank you Knottie. As a military mom I appreciate your continued devotion to all the ones serving. It is a shame, but it is true, that you and all the other "Gold Star" families have a voice that carries more weight. I'm thankful that you are honoring all of those who serve by speaking up for them. Nothing they've done has been in vain.

joyce said...

Mrs. JP is right. This week has been so hard, with guys dying every day over there in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the press fixated on MJ.