Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day

To far too many Americans Memorial day means a long weekend, BBQs, sales and lazy fun days with the family. Somewhere along the line we forget the reasons we can have all those things. We forget to stop one for just one day and do what we should do every day.... Remember those who laid down their lives to insure our freedoms. We hear often the phrase "freedom is not free" but I think all too often we only hear the words and not the meaning of those words. We take for granted the men who were willing to give their todays for our tomorrows. Men who know and believed there are things in life worth fighting and dying for. Values that a price can not placed on. Their blood spilled and now nurtures the roots of this Nation.

These men and women, who serve our Nation in the military, do not know me personally or you personally yet they put their lives on the line daily to protect our rights and freedoms. Stop and think about that.. be humbled that perfect strangers are willing to do this for you. Perfect Strangers died for your freedoms. And the only payment they would ask is that we remember them.

I ask each of you who reads this to please take the time to attend a Memorial Day service or to look up the names of those who have fallen and read about the men and women who gave theirs live. Remember them this weekend... be grateful and be humbled that there are people in this world who were and are willing to pay the price of freedom. Place a flag out to remind others. Teach your children and grandchildren the history of their freedoms and about the men and women who gave it to them. But most of all... Remember


Anonymous said...

Pray for the families that have lost a loved one in battle. God Bless our Veterans

Anonymous said...

Not having served and lost a comrade in arms, or personally knowing a family member (other than via the internet) of a fallen military member, it is difficult to express the gratitude and sympathy without fear of sounding trivial.

However, I do want all to know that they are remembered by me daily and are not forgotten. Of course, Pokey, in name, is remembered daily as well as Knottie, Fozzy, and family.


Mrs. JP said...

That's right,,teach the children to remember these who serve our country. We pray for all those serving and their families. Humble gratitude to all the families whose love one made the great sacrifice for us.

Nic Raven said...

With all the whoopla about the war begining to take root, I am more than grateful to everyone who has taken the time to truly understand what Memorial Day is.
Each generation of warriors embosses footprints on the path of freedom, and after 3 tours, I can honestly say that I am honored to have walked in their shoes. My memorial day will be spent in quiet reflection and rememberance of my brothers and sisters in arms.

For those that have served before me, those who currently serve with me and those who will serve in my future, I salute you.