Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas With the Troops

About a week ago I was asked by a Solider in Afghanistan what I thought about doing a blogtalk radio show for the troops. A show that the guys who are way from home this Christmas could send in messages and have them read, request songs and hear greetings from home. Instantly I was smiling. One I was thrilled with the idea and two honored that those who are serving would ask me to be involved. They had already contacted one host and I was able to help bring 2 other shows on board with this project. I want to thank the man who's idea this was, Cpt Kevin, for not only thinking of this but for involving me. Please if you can join us... it should be a fun and touching evening.

Three Blog Talk Radio shows are banding together to air a six hour Christmas show that is all for the troops. Chandler’s Watch, Buffman and Wrench and Do the Right Thing are going to broadcast back to back to back on Monday December 22nd starting at 6pm CST for our men and women in Iraq, Afghanistan and any of our military who will not be home with family this holiday season. The show will include music, guest and reading messages from and to the troops.

We have a special email address set up for the troops to email a message to their families to us that will be read over the air (internet). Christmas4troops@yahoo.com (All emails will be deleted after the messages are saved.)

We will also have some celebrity guests coming on to send a message to the “guys”. Not meaning to drop any names but so far we have:

Tim Colceri The psycho door gunner from Full Metal Jacket

Kevyn Major Howard Rafterman from Full Metal Jacket and Founder of Fueled by the Fallen http://www.fueledbythefallen.com/

Congressman Duncan Hunter Capt. Duncan Hunter is a Veteran of OIF and OEF

Evan Sayet Comedian and Political Speaker

Dr Blogstein

The RumbleJetts

Soldier's Angels

Kaye Johnston from the Sugar Plums

Paul Maurtuano "Paula Abdul Stalker Song"

Slidawg and the Ramblin Rednecks

Victoria Jackson from Saturday Night Live

International Comedian David Naster

Dr Danger American Stuntman

Debra J Smith Informing Christians


David M said...

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post From the Front: 12/17/2008 News and Personal dispatches from the front and the home front.

Andrea Shea King said...

Such a wonderful thing to do. My heart is with you and all our brave men and women who won't be home for Christmas this year, and especially those who won't ever be home for Christmas again.

Blessings on you, Knottie, and your son Pokey for the sacrifice he made on our behalf. We can never ever repay the debt in full. I'm confident he has a special and most deserving place in heaven.


Anonymous said...

Cross posted this notice on AmericaC2C with embedded multi-show player and links to this and BTR sites. Thank you for doing this for our wonderful military families.




Anonymous said...

I put this on my own blog and soon I will be posting it on others.
I want to encourage everybody to get anybody they know from Eli Manning to President Bush to try and call the show and send their well wishes.

Soldier Hard said...

Hell this is Soldier Hard and I just wanted to know how i can involved in this, I know first hand what our warriors are going thru being away from home I know "The Suck" and I want to be involved in this in Some way, let me know I can E-Mail the point of contact music for all of them to play over the air, or what ever you please!!!!


Soldier Hard


Wanda Gladwill said...

Knottie! So looking forward to this afternoon and evening Christmas for The Troops! And thank YOU, Chandler, Buffman and Wrench, and Cyber Pastor for all your hard work putting this together! My prayers are with you and the troops! And may this be a great time to encourage our oh so brave and wonderful soldiers who are doing such a great job on this war on evil terror! Love, Wanda Fay Gladwill

Anonymous said...

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