Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Gift of Giving

I was speaking recently with someone regarding charities that support the troops. There was a remark made that the government should take care of it all. What this person (who has a heart of gold and truly cares about the troops) forgot is that by doing something through private charities we are not only taking care of our troops we are showing them Honor, Respect and Love. These are things that can not be provided through a government program. It's about the service these programs provide but more so it is about the love from the people involved. It's the connection that is made by giving of yourself that is the true purpose of these charities.

For myself the work I do for the troops is healing. Shortly after my son's death I had a Solider tell me.. "It's easier when you are over there. You have a mission to focus on." It was then I realized I needed a mission to focus on. My mission was simple. Take care of my son's military family. It started with his platoon.. I soon realized I have quite a large military family and it is not just one branch but 5 branches. Some I can give to directly some indirectly but all I do is for my family. And by giving to them I have also received so much. I have made friendships I cherish. Those are more valuable than words can express. I have received a sense of purpose also. I never planned on getting anything back for my mission but I have gained so much.

There is a gift you receive when you give to others. BUT you must give freely without expectations to truly get the rewards from it.

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A Soldier's Mother said...

This is very true - and there's more. A government has to worry about all its units and so it tries to give equally to all. When you are involved with a particular unit, you see that they have a certain need above what the government can give. The government in Israel, for example, will make sure that my son has access to a very heavy winter coat for the northern most region where they are supposed to be training soon (given the current situation here, I'm not sure if that is still going to happen). They'll issue them all gloves, but the gloves that can be purchased may well be better and so there's an amazing organization here who, with the donations of some families, will see my son's unit each be given fleece coats and gloves. The fleece coats are better when it isn't quite so cold. Otherwise, the unit will have to wear the heavy and more restricting winter coats. This organization also supplies bulletproof vests. The army provides them as needed, but this organization offers better ones, with pockets to hold magazines (not the paper kind) so the boys only have to wear one vest and not two. The government can't meet all needs - it meets the most important ones, but by private assistance we can help our soldiers - in addition to showing them how much we all love and care for them.